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Every week, Metaland presents you 3 Metaverse news not to be missed for brands!


Don't miss the latest Metaverse news of the week!

💼 Case Study HighCo Metaland:

HighCo Metaland organized an internal event for Hytech, a digital transformation consulting company.

Edition of 12.01.2023 : HighCo Metaland takes Hytech to Decentraland, H&M on Roblox and a great update of The Sandbox.

Copy of Decentraland 12_15_2022 2_29_25 PM.png

🎨 Concept:

The event, which took place between Thursday 15th and Saturday 17th December 2022, aimed to bring together up to 1,000 Hytech employees based in different countries around the world in a digital space created for the occasion.

⌨️ Client Profile:

Hytech is a digital strategy consulting firm based in Singapore that wanted to bring together its employees based in different offices around the world to celebrate the end of the year and its rebranding.

📦 Experience Content:

We created an experience on the Decentraland platform to bring together Hytech's employees. The experience included custom avatars, interactive activities, Hytech-branded NFTs, mini-games, questions related to company culture, a photo booth, a stream of the end-of-year speech from the CEO and a lottery!

The team also produced an "emote", an animation that allows your avatar to perform the steps of a popular dance on TikTok and within the Hytech group.

🛬 Result:

The experience successfully brought together up to 1,000 Hytech employees in the same digital space despite the distance separating them. The peak activity on the field even attracted outside visitors, making this space the 4th most visited in Decentraland on December 15th, 2022.

These first steps in the metaverse were a real practical training for Hytech employees:

  • Creating a Metamask wallet

  • Logging in with the wallet on Decentraland

  • Configuring and getting used to the avatar

  • Obtaining their first NFTs: Wearables & Emotes

  • And more…

A detailed guide was produced by the HighCo Metaland team for the occasion to help employees understand the basics of the metaverse experience.

In short, the HighCo Metaland experience allowed Hytech to bring together its employees in an interactive and fun virtual space while giving them their first experience with metaverse technology. It also helped to strengthen company culture and celebrate the rebranding of the group in an original and innovative way.


The enthusiastic participation of employees and the success of the event in terms of participation and visibility on the Decentraland platform show the growing interest of companies in metaverses and the opportunities they offer for internal communication and remote collaboration.


This experience also highlighted HighCo Metaland's skills in creating immersive experiences in the metaverse for companies.

👉 Click here to access the visuals.

🔎 Test of the week:

👕 Retail fashion brand H&M has launched a campaign called "Loooptopia" in partnership with digital game studio Dubit on the online game Roblox.


Why is this important?

The trend: Nearly 75% of Generation Z reported that they "will spend money on digital clothes and accessories," according to a metaverse fashion trend report from Roblox and Parsons School of Design in November 2022.

The campaign allows players to experiment with virtual fashion and learn more about circularity, or the recycling of clothes to reduce waste. A metaverse like Roblox allows for gamifying and making education about subjects like recycling more fun. H&M is not the only brand to use this channel to raise awareness about circularity, Hong Kong hotel chain Regal Hotels has also done so through an experience on The Sandbox called MetaGreen.

Visitors to Loooptopia will be able to collect virtual fashion items through games, live events, and "styling sessions" and use them to create virtual outfits, trade them, or recycle them for points.

🟢 Pros

Content: The experience allows you to create multiple digital clothing items (skins) through a leveling system that unlocks new areas to explore and new raw materials. A point system allows you to trade these points for skins as well. The experience will keep avid players engaged for several hours.

Design: We liked the fun, colorful skate park atmosphere!

Education: The recycling principle is well-introduced: Recycling your creations earns you experience and other benefits to speed up your progress. Perhaps the most inspiring point for your future metaverse projects.

Gameplay: Roblox makes the experience smooth and fun with interactions that are more difficult to create compared to decentralized metaverses: Sliding on bars, driving vehicles.

Accessibility: Roblox is accessible through browser, desktop application, and mobile application.

🔴 Cons

Repetition: The point and resource collection system for creating your digital clothing is quite tedious and repetitive. This aspect is more easily forgiven by a young audience.

(Reminder) Centralization: Items created and purchased on Roblox are not NFTs and cannot be used on other metaverses."

🔎 The Metaland review: 8/10


The experience is fun, colorful with different mechanics motivating players to want to unlock more clothes and areas to explore. All this with an educational aspect where the notion of circularity fits perfectly into gameplay.

H&M aims to take advantage of the growth in popularity and profitability of virtual fashion, particularly among young people. The experience seems to be well-received, displaying 90% positive votes out of 400 votes and 100,000 visits.

Roblox (with its 59 million daily active users) has become a popular platform for retail brands looking to engage a younger audience.

👉 Click here to watch the teaser

🔩 The technical news:

🕋 New features on The Sandbox to create more varied and engaging experiences.

tsb multi.gif

Why is this important?


The next version 0.8 of The Sandbox Game Maker (the tool for creating experiences on The Sandbox) will include major updates requested by the community, such as:

  • New multiplayer game features: This is THE most anticipated feature as the multiplayer aspect is a retention vector. A multiplayer game by nature invites users to come back to a game to measure themselves against others, make better performances and have fun. On the other hand, a solo experience is more easily abandoned once it is finished.

  • New lighting and visual effects features: To enhance the quality and immersion of experiences.

  • Video and audio streaming features: Allowing creators to organize concerts, viewing parties, conferences, etc.

  • Showing equipment and "wearables" (digital clothes) in social hubs: To allow users to easily see each other's possessions.

These new features will allow creators to take their experiences to a higher level and better engage players in the metaverse.

The update will also include social and expression features such as:

  • The ability to publish any experience as a social space in the Game Maker's "drafts" gallery, allowing creators to test their creation on players without buying land.

  • A new wheel-shaped emoticon menu (like on Decentraland).

  • The ability for users to show their clothes and digital equipment (NFTs) in these social hubs.

👉 To learn more, click here.

Have a great day,

Charles from Metaland

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