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✍️ Mini Essay - IA & Metaverse : Our long term vision

March 03, 2023 Edition: IA & Metaverse, NFT Paris, Blockchain & CRM.


Articles and videos about AI and ChatGPT might have flooded your feeds lately, so we’re going to try to bring a slightly different angle and talk about the role that AIs will play in the development of the metaverse and its mass adoption.

For us at Metaland, AI will play a decisive role and will be one of the reasons why the long-term vision of the metaverse will be able to exist.

Today, to create an experience on a metaverse like Decentraland, you need:

  • 3D artists to create your structures, characters, decorations, etc.

  • Developers to create game mechanics, interactions, menus, and other interfaces.

  • An artistic director / experience designer to create a flow, a story, dialogues.

💭 Now, imagine that you have at your disposal:

  • An AI like Midjourney that, instead of creating images for you from a description, gives you... 3D assets. OpenAI announced Point-E last December to serve this function.

  • An AI like ChatGPT that can learn the documentation of Decentraland and allow you to code all the quests and interactions you need.

  • ChatGPT (already possible) to help you create your narratives and dialogues very quickly.

Once we have all these tools at our disposal, everyone will be able to bring their ideas to life and express themselves through immersive media. Through gaming and making their brand, ideas, and daily mood playable!

When it becomes as easy to publish an experience as it is to upload a YouTube video, the content and usage on these immersive networks will explode.

Deployment times and costs will decrease drastically.

For example, you will be able to publish a reaction "experience" to a current event in just a few hours.

These tools will enable creative people who currently express themselves through writing or video to express themselves through a completely different medium.

The creators of tomorrow will surely wonder whether they should create a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, or their "world".

👉 Actions to go further:

The test of the week:

🥖🇫🇷 Last week, HighCo Metaland was at NFT Paris!


NFT Paris is an event dedicated to NFTs featuring conferences, workshops, and exhibitions of digital art.

Why is it important?

The event received more than 18,000 visitors over 2 days, it is important to note that the places are paid (between 60 and 390 euros).

The event has become a must-attend event in the European blockchain scene and has attracted prestigious guests:

  • Greg Solano from Yuga Labs, Julian Holguin from Doodles and Nicolas Julia from Sorare were present, among other Web 3 actors.

  • Large companies such as Adidas, L’Oréal, and Bloomberg were also present.

  • Political guests as well: the delegate minister in charge of Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot. The Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak was also present.

We share our impressions with you!

🟢 Pros

  • The atmosphere: big names from Web3, wacky outfits, digital NFTs, printed or on robotic arms, all in semi-darkness.

  • The content: more than 50 conferences and the possibility to test games, hardware, etc.

  • More than 70 official side events: dinner, after party, NFT community gathering, etc.

🔴 Cons

  • The queue: more than 2 hours of waiting to enter the room around 10 am on the first day.

  • Access to conferences: from the queue again, a capacity too limited for the number of participants.

  • Lack of sharp content: more than 50% of the space was occupied by artistic or gaming projects, we would have liked more “utility” projects in other areas.

  • Ambiguous positioning: the event attracts both a B2C and B2B audience and might benefit from taking a firmer direction.

In conclusion, we think that FT Paris will remain an essential event in the Web3 landscape, and it’s a chance to have it in France! We hope that a slightly smoother organisation will be put in place for the following editions, especially to access the conferences.

👉 To go further:

If you missed NFT Paris, you can find some of this content on Youtube, here is, for example, a conference that we liked on the transformation of loyalty programs by NFTs:

👩‍🎓 Study of the week

Blockchain and CRM: The synthesis of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

6 pillars loyalty.jpg

To conclude, here is a brief summary of the BCG synthesis on the impact of blockchain on customer relationships. Hoping this makes you want to read the full article.

  • Web3 is not yet fully adopted by companies due to the recent period of uncertainty in cryptos, but the potential for customer loyalty programs is considerable.

  • Brands are looking for ways to collect customer data as privacy regulations become stricter and loyalty programs serve this function well.

  • However, customer loyalty engagement is stagnant: consumers are enrolled in many programs and have limited engagement.

  • To succeed, Web3 loyalty offerings must provide utility and have a clear user experience.

  • Existing loyalty program challenges include fragmented customer relationships, low-activity customers, and closed ecosystems.

  • Brands must offer compelling and personalized loyalty offerings, explore incentives and rewards, and reach a broader base of customers to succeed in the tokenized economy.

Overall, the article suggests that Web3 technologies offer significant opportunities for businesses to create more attractive and effective loyalty programs, while improving customer data privacy and reducing costs through automation via smart contracts.

👉 To learn more:

Read the full study

Have a great day,

Charles from Metaland

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