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Spatial integrates Unity, ERC-4437 and Rabbids on The Sandbox.

IA & Metaverse, NFT Paris, Blockchain & CRM.

A metro in the metaverse, 425M wallets created and Smart Wearables!

Horse racing in Web3, Carrefour and Mc Donald's in the Metaverse.

HighCo Metaland brings Hytech to Decentraland, H&M on Roblox and The Sandbox new features.

Decentraland Worlds, The Sandbox metrics and the european metaverse

Football World Cup 2022 Special Edition

.Swoosh, L’Oréal avatars make up and Gucci Vault.

Meta Quest Pro, Vogue Singapore and Exclusible Palace on The Sandbox.

Oct 11 2022

NFTs on the App Store, Metaverse Music Festival and Japan.

Oct 04 2022

Decentraland Emotes, Disney and Warner Music!

Sept 27 2022

Starbucks NFTs, ELLE in the Metaverse et the Ledger School experience.

The Sandbox S3, dNFT and The Merge!

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