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Every week, Metaland presents you 3 Metaverse news not to be missed for brands!


Don't miss the latest Metaverse news of the week!

🐎 PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) launches a Web3 platform for digital horse races called Stables.

January 20th, 2023 Edition: Horse Racing in the Metaverse, Carrefour and Mc Donald's in the Metaverse.


The Concept

The platform uses real horse racing performance data collected by PMU to offer a unique gaming experience based on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Web3 through the French Tezos blockchain.

Players will be able to buy NFTs representing unique horses and will have access to rewards related to race wins and the Fantasy Game.

Players can start their adventure on Stables this January by participating in a first selection (Whitelist) for NFT collectors, cryptocurrency investors, and gamers.

Why is this important?

PMU is the leader in horse racing in Europe, giving it significant advantages over earlier launched horse racing blockchain games like ZedRun or Pegaxy.

  • Stables uses an algorithm based on 10 years of race data.

  • The names of horses and their performance are linked to real horses, consolidating the bridge between reality and digital. By buying a horse, the player "bets" on its performance in the real world and can use it in races (100% digital and fictitious) to race against other players on the platform and win rewards.

🔎 Metaland's Opinion

With Stables, PMU displays its willingness to rejuvenate its offering and reach a new audience through a concept skillfully combining Web3 and their physical business.

It's a bit early to get an idea of the project as a whole, the game will be available in alpha in Q2/Q3 2023. The first NFT drop will take place in Q1 2023 and prices have not yet been revealed.

This "classic" method of launching a Web3 project helps finance the product and measure the hype before the game's launch.

This mechanism has not always proven its worth over time as it tends to attract more investors than passionate players. The success of the project is mostly linked to the NFTs' floor price, reducing the game to a secondary role. When prices drop, the interest of investors and players also drops.

In the long run, we think that blockchain games that will endure will be the projects that put their gaming experience first and distribute their NFTs for free or at affordable prices (5-20 euros) and monetize their NFTs mainly through royalties on the secondary market.

Metaland will closely follow this project and we will give you feedback once the game is launched!

👉 To learn more:

🎬 Actions to move forward:

  • Create a Tezos Wallet (PMU website will provide you with a list of compatible wallets), we used Galleon.

  • Create a Stables account and connect your wallet.

  • Complete quests to join the whitelist and get your hands on the NFTs from the first drop.

🛒 Carrefour launches 2 experiences on The Sandbox to save the bees! 🐝


Why is it important?

After announcing its land purchase on The Sandbox a year ago in January 2022, the large retail chain reveals its first experiences.

Metaland has tested it for you, here are our impressions:

🟢 Pros

  • Design: Very successful, the environment, the NPCs, the enemies, and the level design are well worked out.

  • Content: The quests are well thought out. The battles are naturally repetitive on The Sandbox, but are made fun by the variety and educational aspect: each enemy teaches us more about the real enemies of the world's physical bees. There are 2 experiences and 11 quests in total, which will keep players engaged for 30 minutes or more, which is a lot for a branded experience. In fact, we have more of the impression of being in a game than in a branded experience, which is positive.

  • Branding, the Carrefour brand: The logo and certain messages about the brand are well integrated: posters, floating structures, logo printed on platforms, collectible item (Carrefour flowers), displays, and equipment.

  • The highlight of this experience: The equipment collection. This is the experience that, so far, has used equipment (weapons, armor, shoes, etc.) the best, in our opinion.
    As you progress through the experience, you collect more powerful and visually striking equipment: in the end, you end up with a real armor and weapon that allow you to inflict more damage and protect yourself better.

  • The social and environmental aspect: 100% of the funds raised through the sale of NFTs will be donated to Beefund, a fund housed by the Fondation de France, which works to preserve bees. Buying an NFT is not mandatory to access the game, they can be bought on The Sandbox marketplace or other platforms like OpenSea. 
    Participants are invited to reply to a dedicated Twitter thread. If it reaches 5,000 comments, a donation of 50,000 SAND (31,000 euros) will also be donated to Beefund.

🔴 Cons

Language: The experience is only available in English, it will therefore be more difficult to engage the French audience of the group. This is a constraint imposed by The Sandbox, which, for the moment, does not allow for the creation of multilingual experiences.

🔎 Metaland's opinion: 9/10

Save The NFBees is one of the most successful experiences we have tested on The Sandbox and almost makes us forget the constraints of the platform with its well-designed level design, good use of verticality, and a very nice universe where the Carrefour brand is subtly integrated.

👉 To learn more, see the experience video:

🎬 Actions to go further:

🍔 McDonald's will celebrate Chinese New Year 🧧 in the metaverse!

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 4.59.57 PM.png

Why it's important:

McDonald's is celebrating the Lunar New Year differently this year by creating an immersive digital world in partnership with digital artist and entrepreneur Karen X Cheng. She is also the founder of Karen X Inc., a company specializing in creating interactive experiences.

By partnering with McDonald's, Karen X Cheng helps create an experience that celebrates the Lunar New Year in a unique and fun way. The goal is to give people more ways to connect with their friends and family during the holiday period.

The campaign includes:

  • Virtual reality experiences

  • Augmented reality experiences (AR filter)

  • Games: board games, a VR Zoo, and cooking competitions.

  • What interests us the most: a 3D/VR experience on the Spatial platform. 2 events will take place on Spatial:

    • A celebration of the Lunar New Year on January 25th

    • An evening with Karen X Cheng on February 2nd

We will be closely following this to give you a numerical feedback on this campaign.

🔎 Metaland's opinion:

McDonald's strategy is well thought out and can inspire you for your own metaverse projects:

  • Associate your experience with a key moment: here the Lunar New Year

  • Partner with a relevant influencer: Karen X Cheng is a digital artist specializing in interactive experiences and has over one million followers on Instagram. Because of her Asian heritage, the entrepreneur has been able to inject her own culture and childhood memories into this campaign.

  • Design very accessible experiences: Instagram filter, Spatial...

👉 To learn more:

🎬 The action to go further:

Visit the experience on Spatial:

Have a great day,

Charles from Metaland

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